Foundation of the vision

Imagine our children bringing light to the darkness.  Imagine a generation that understands who they are in history and in Christ, who have a purpose for living, and who enjoy engaging the world God has placed them in.  Imagine a society in which believers are bold in engaging the culture with the claims of Christ.  Imagine our children as people of influence, recognized for their integrity and their wisdom, whether in church ministry, business and industry, homes and neighborhoods, government or universities.


Greenville Classical Academy’s vision is to see generations of godly, biblically educated, academically prepared leaders for our homes, our communities, and our world. 

Our Mission

The mission of Greenville Classical Academy is to provide a distinctly Christ centered, biblical, and classical education, producing students who glorify God (Deum Glorificare) in their thoughts, words and deeds.


GCA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), and University-Model® Schools International/National Association of University-Model Schools (USMI/NAUMS).

My child’s year in K-4 at GCA has been greatly positive and has created a strong foundation for Kindergarten. I could not be happier with the rich academic instruction, nurturing and loving environment, biblical and moral teaching, consistent behavior routine and music introduction he has received. Mrs. Godwin has also created a classroom in which social growth is valued, allowing the children to develop dear friendships. As a mother, as well as an early childhood educator, I’ve appreciated all that GCA provides its students beyond basic instruction. The partnership the school creates with parents through fostering and furthering the same values we instill at home is invaluable.
— L Thorwart, GCA parent

The GCA difference

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Academic excellence
  • Dedicated teachers who love to teach and instill the love of learning
  • Parental involvement encouraged
  • Biblical worldview undergirds all subjects
  • Classical model of education
  • Latin instruction begins in 3rd grade
  • Quality education for grades K4-12

Our Core Values

GCA believes that parents are ultimately responsible to the Creator to guide and disciple the children given to their care. We desire to see God use GCA as an instrument to assist parents in carrying out the Biblical mandate to bring up their children in the training and admonition of the Lord. With that in mind, GCA has four key values that guide our educational process: We are Christian, rigorous, classical and transformative. 

What is classical education?

In brief, Classical education is a method of learning that takes advantage of a child’s natural propensities and stages of development as he or she matures. These stages make up the Trivium: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. Young children (Grammar Stage) have an amazing ability to learn vast quantities of material (memorizing dates, names, places, cities, etc.). As children mature (Logic and Rhetoric Stages), they are given the tools to take the data that they have memorized and learn how to process it and express their conclusions in persuasive ways that impact the real world. To learn more about classical education, click here or download the free booklet entitled An Introduction to Classical Education here.  To understand how classical education is applied at GCA, read our newsletter here.

Our history

In May, 2004, a group of parents came together for the purpose of praying and seeking God’s will in having a classical, Christian school in the Greenville area. That school was soon named Greenville Classical Academy (GCA). On July 13, 2004, the parents convened and elected a Board of Directors. September 7, 2004, marked the first day of school with 54 students enrolled.  To head more about our history, click here.

Statement of faith

It is a core principle of Greenville Classical Academy that all areas of education be taught from a Christian world view, in that Christ is Lord over all His creation. This truth of Christ's lordship encompasses not only an intellectual understanding of creation, man's fall and redemption, but an understanding in a child's heart of the depth of his or her sin, the holiness of God and that child's need for Christ, our Redeemer. To read the entire Statement of Faith, click here.

Administration, Faculty & Board

We desire for our administration and faculty to have an active and faithful walk with Christ, to have a true love for teaching children, to be committed to the classical model of education, and to have a love of learning and a passion and skill for their subjects. For more information on each of our current Administration, Faculty and Board, click here.


We believe the teachers at Greenville Classical Academy are some of the best. In a growing school, we are always looking for outstanding teachers who love God, love their students and love to teach. To learn more about employment at GCA, click here.