Fine Arts

While the arts are woven through the GCA curriculum, we intentionally and regularly expose our students to what is objectively considered beautiful and has stood the test of time. Students are encouraged to appreciate and to participate in music, art, recitation, and drama. Students present these skills in annual concerts and art shows.


GCA’s athletics exist because we desire to educate the whole child, and channeling energy into skill is yet another way a student can glorify God. Grammar school students participate in regular physical education classes and school events, including Field Day and the annual Jog-A-Thon. In addition to regular physical education classes, GCA is a member of SCACS 2A. Logic and Rhetoric Students have the opportunity to be a member of a GCA Lions sports team, designed to develop in students a love of the sport, teamwork, respect for authority, and the grace to both win and lose well.

House System

The Houses of Austen, Bronte, Lewis and Tolkein are each microcosms of the GCA Upper School, and all students in 6th-12th grades belong to one. Each house has two student captains, and oversight is provided by a faculty governor. Houses gather weekly for meetings or competition. The House system is a means of cultivating friendship across grade levels and growing student leaders, as well as a vehicle for service.

National Honor Society

GCA maintains a chapter in the National Honor Society, and students in 10th-12th grades with evidence of integrity and high academic achievement alongside a desire to serve and lead are welcome to apply for admission. NHS members serve the school individually as well as collectively.

Family Involvement

We recognize that God has given the parents the responsibility for the eternal souls of their children, and that before him, a parent will answer for a child’s education. We seek to be a partner with parents in their child’s education, to complement the growth that is taking place in the student’s home and church community. As a covenantal school, we also ask that parents partner with one another, working together towards each student’s sanctification.

Parent Testimonial

GCA will provide your child with a virtuous and rigorous education, rich in content and biblical truth in the context of learning to love others as we grow from children to teenagers to young adults. GCA is an edifying environment for our children: spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally, and physically.

Melton and Lynda

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