LOGIC School (MIDDLE SCHOOL) 6th-8th Grades

6th, 7th and 8th grades are transitional years.  GCA's unique program prepares a student to enter high school.

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How is middle school (logic school) at Greenville Classical Academy Unique?

The logic school covers grades 6 through 8.

Students enter the Logic stage as old children and leave as young adults. It is a critical age in a student’s development, and our teachers and staff come alongside them to help shepherd and influence them as they grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A unique quality of our the education provided to this age of student in comparison to other schools in the area is that we have a strong focus on teaching students to think critically and logically. This involves teaching formal logic, where students are taught to formulate coherent and sound arguments and recognize errors in arguments, both their own and others’. These skills can then be brought to bear on all of the other subjects that they will come in contact with during the rest of their education. Students in this stage of school will also be capping off their studies in Latin and should be able to now read and speak in this ancient language, opening up a vast array of source texts in Western literature, history, and science. These challenging academic years will teach students how to become self-learners, manage their schedules, and think critically and logically.