RHETORIC SCHOOL (High School) Overview

(9th-12th Grades)


How is Rhetoric School at GCA Unique?

When students move into the Rhetoric School, it is time to finish our task of forming a graduate that has Godly Character as well as Wisdom and Eloquence. We realize that education and sanctification are lifelong endeavors and that every graduate has unique gifts, but our goal as an institution is to work alongside our students’ parents in fostering these qualities in our students. The quality of Godly Character has been developed diligently since the first day of Kindergarten, and this work will continue in the Rhetoric School, but the focus turns now on developing students with Wisdom and Eloquence. Our Rhetoric stage is unique from other area high schools in that our students are taught formal Rhetoric where the student learns to express himself with “fluency, grace, elegance, and persuasiveness.” (Bauer, The Well-Trained Mind) Our students are taught to take the facts they have been learning since the grammar stage, organize these facts into logical statements and arguments, and then express these thoughts in a winsome way. But merely expressing thoughts and arguments well does not make for a wise and eloquent student. These skills must be guided by the Spirit of God to express the truth of a given subject.

So what does this look like at GCA from a practical perspective? Across subjects students will have much of their learning revolve around in-class guided discussions where they will discuss and debate the great themes of human history and literature, always measuring these themes against the plumb line of Scripture. Students will also write and defend a Senior Thesis before friends and faculty as a way of demonstrating what they have learned through their educational time at GCA. Participating in this “Great Conversation” with wisdom and eloquence is how our students are uniquely prepared to go out into the world and represent Christ and His kingdom in all endeavors.

  University Model


Since 2010, GCA's High School (9th - 12th grades) has operated as a University-Model® School

A University Model School is a hybrid of a traditional 5-day-a-week school and homeschooling that blends the best of both methods. UMS students have quality classroom instruction together with caring parental involvement while using a college-style schedule. The immediate goal of a UMS is quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious.

In the University Model®, students attend classes 3 days a week and are in their home 2 days a week. (Some classes may be offered in 2-day-a-week classes for longer periods of time.) While in the home classroom, students follow teacher-designed assignments under the direct supervision of their parents. As students transition to 11th and 12th grades, they are responsible for accomplishing out-of-class assignments on their own time, but under counsel and supervision of their parents.

  Honors, Dual Enrollment and AP

College Decision Day

College Decision Day

GCA helps prepare students for college by offering many honors classes and encouraging students to take dual-enrollment courses through local colleges as well as some AP classes through VirtualSC. The Mon/Wed/Fri classes at GCA offer a unique opportunity for 11th and 12th grade students to take dual enrollment courses on campus at local colleges such as Greenville Technical College, North Greenville UniversityBob Jones University or Spartanburg Community College when they do not have a class at GCA.  Students may also take dual-enrollment classes online from colleges as approved by GCA’s Dean of Academics.



GCA is certified by University-Model® Schools International/National Association of University-Model® Schools (USMI/NAUMS).  For more information on USMI/NAUMS visit http://umsi.org/

  Course Offerings

High School course offerings for 2019-2020 include the following:

  • Algebra I Honors

  • Geometry Honors

  • Algebra II CP or Honors

  • Pre-Calculus Honors

  • Calculus Honors

  • Physical Science

  • Biology CP or Honors

  • Chemistry CP or Honors

  • Physics CP or Honors

  • Anatomy & Physiology Honors

  • Ancient History Honors

  • Medieval History Honors

  • American History Honors

  • Government Honors

  • Economics Honors

  • Ancient Literature & Composition Honors

  • Medieval Literature & Composition Honors

  • American Literature & Composition Honors

  • British Literature & Composition Honors

  • Spanish II

  • Spanish III Honors

  • Apologetics

  • Systematic Theology

  • Rhetoric - Public Speaking

  • Rhetoric - Composition

  • Senior Capstone Honors

  • Latin I

  • Latin II

  • Latin III Honors

  • Art I

  Home Schoolers

Home Schoolers - GCA's Rhetoric School (9th-12th grades) is also available for homeschoolers and particularly suited to homeschooling families who only want to enroll their child part-time. A full-time Rhetoric School student will take at least six academic classes and plan to graduate from GCA, but part-time students may enroll in as little as one UMS class. Students desiring to enroll in this program need to meet GCA admission requirements and agree to all policies and procedures outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.

For more information about enrolling a part-time student in 9th-12th grades, contact the Admissions Director at admissions@greenvilleclassical.com.

There are two options for students who enroll in 9th-12th grades at GCA:

  1. Students may enroll full-time and take all of their courses at GCA and eventually graduate from GCA.

  2. Students may enroll part-time and choose their classes a la carte. These students must register with a home school association.

For a chart showing the Difference between Full-time and Part-time click here.

For the 2019-2020 school year, all classes will be taught college-style three days a week on Mon/Wed/Fri.
To view the 2019-2020 Rhetoric School Class Schedule and Course List, click here.

For a document containing more information about the UMS program at GCA (including a list of FAQ's) click here (PDF).

School Profile

(A school profile conveys important descriptive information about a school, its academic program, and its community, and is customarily included in student applications to colleges.)

Greenville Classical Academy School Profile for 2019-2020