GCA's 10th Annual Fall Festival and Holiday Market

GCA's 10th Annual Fall Festival and Holiday Market

This Saturday, November 2nd marks the 10th annual GCA Fall Festival and Holiday Market, and one thing has been clear ever since the start: the Lord alone is responsible for its success year after year!


Our monumental festival, which now brings in several thousand visitors each year, got its start in humble beginnings. Initially, like most small Christian schools, we tried a myriad of methods for raising sustainable fundraising dollars, including yard sales, silent auctions, and fundraising dinners. As is true of most events, the work for these endeavors fell heavily on a handful of parents. And so did the donations coming in.

We felt firm in our resolve to not have students sell items and were affirmed in our commitment to solicit fundraising dollars from external sources, rather than only relying on our internal community of parents. With this in mind, several moms from the Student Life Committee came up with a solution which not only met these criteria, but also blended a service project into the event. In 2009, within a matter of weeks, the plan for a “Spring Fling” was launched, consisting of a yard sale, vendors, and concessions. With an enrollment of only about 50 students, that first year’s event, in April of 2010, celebrated over 400 attendees!

Much was learned that first year, and the committee walked away hoping to shift the event to a fall festival. Although it would be a challenge to host two such events within one calendar year, the second event was held in November 2010. Several improvements accompanied that second event: a Kidzone, replacing the yard sale with twenty additional vendors, and a name change. Hence, GCA’s Fall Festival and Holiday Market was off to a steady start!

Over the past decade, our event has evolved considerably with the emergence of a website, sponsors, more vendors, and the formation of individual committees to help with the planning and execution of the various aspects of this one-day festival. Social media have contributed to the event’s marketing and attendance exponentially.

A few things haven’t changed though. From the very start, we have endeavored to lead with relationship, to put the Gospel above dollars, and to invest in the long-term impact. GCA’s Fall Festival and Holiday Market is a well-respected event within the Greenville, SC vendor community, and is now a juried event, assessing hundreds of applications each year.

To neglect the diligent and faithful work of the leaders, volunteers, and greater community around this event would be remiss, but at the heart of it all is the One who sustains all things and the Giver of all good gifts. It is to the Lord alone that we rejoice over each year’s success, and it is in His hands ultimately that we rest each new year’s exploits.

FF Going

With that being said, we’d love for you to join us this year, or any year, at GCA’s Fall Festival and Holiday Market. On November 2nd, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., we’ll host our 10th annual event in our school parking lot and surrounding campus (located at 2519 Woodruff Rd in Simpsonville, SC 29681). There will be over 75 vendors, a variety of concessions, and a jam-packed-with-fun Kidzone. Bring the whole family, and plan to stay. We sure hope to see you there!

Looking for more information? Visit the festival’s website: https://greenvillefallfestival.com. Or head over to our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2465197896881261. You can keep up with latest on our dedicated profiles on Facebook or Instagram, too.

2019 Look Up Lodge Recap

2019 Look Up Lodge Recap

This year’s Logic and Rhetoric school retreat to Look Up Lodge saw the launch of the brand new House system, a series of thought-provoking messages about a Christian’s duty to serve, and lots of fun games with chances to get to know other students better. With the addition of the sixth graders at the retreat, almost every cabin was full.

Smith Chapel

Mr. Smith spoke at the retreat and led several services on the topic of service. Since service is the theme for the House system this year, his messages set the tone for the rest of the school year. Throughout the three chapel meetings, he spoke on Matthew 6:19-34, Mark 10:32-45, and 1 Peter 4:7-11, among other passages. For those unfamiliar with these verses, the first speaks of one’s inability to serve two masters, the second speaks on the importance of servants and serving others, and the third speaks of the impact eternity should have on everyday life. Students were definitely spiritually encouraged during the retreat, not only by Mr. Smith’s messages but also by the small group time held after the services.

Austen Pyramid

Another main aspect of the retreat was the House system launch. GCA has never used a House system style of student government before, so this year was full of firsts and exciting changes. Students were sorted into one of four Houses: Austen, Brontë, Lewis, or Tolkien. Each House is led by a faculty governor, two student captains, a student records keeper, and a student chaplain. Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Stanley, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Smith, the governors of their respective Houses, all did a wonderful job of raising school spirit and getting everyone excited for this new system. The first House games included a talent competition involving a representative from each House, a flash mob challenge, and a group singing game. Each House quickly earned points, and the competition was neck-and-neck from the very beginning.

Look Up Lodge has several activities it plans for campers as well. During free-time each day, students were allowed to have their pick of waterfront activities. The giant swing is a favorite for many; it holds three riders and drops out over the lake. Once the swing was closed, the staff opened up the water zipline, which sends campers flying from a tall treehouse-like platform into the lake. Swimming and kayaking or paddle boating are other popular activities, as well as the water slide and rock wall. The camp also has a Canteen near the lake, where students can buy slushies, snacks, ice cream, or souvenirs.

The GCA event planners also had several other activities worked out for the retreat. A campfire and s’mores, giant manhunt game, fireside song competitions, and more made many students smile. GCA faculty and chaperones, as well as Look Up Lodge staff, worked very hard to make sure this was an exciting and fun retreat, and they could not have done a better job. Every student appreciated their effort, and the retreat would have been a disaster without them.

With such a great retreat, things are looking up for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

Woernle Photo Bomb

Author Bio: Margaret Hindman is a student at Greenville Classical Academy, currently studying in the 11th grade. She is the student leader of the Creative Writing Club and Literary Magazine, and enjoys reading and writing in her free time.

Job in Iambic Pentameter

Job in Iambic Pentameter

Recently, students in 12th grade British Literature and Composition Honors were asked to convert a section of Job 38 or 39 into ten lines of iambic pentameter. This assignment is part of a larger, year-long unit covering poetry and tackles a few objectives in one: it helps students see the different genre types in scripture, it gives them practice counting syllables and determining the stressed-unstressed pattern of iambic pentameter, it is both a write-to-learn and a learn-to-write endeavor, it gives students the opportunity to present in front of the class, and it gets their creative juices flowing.

Especially for students who may struggle with the “invention” canon of writing, having them construct work inspired by something already created can help set them up for success and make the writing process less burdensome. Not to mention, in terms of being made in the image of God, it allows them to fulfill their role as sub-creators, those who create not from nothing (which only God can do), but those who create from what has already been created.

The following is a submission from one of our students, who chose Job 38:16-33 as inspiration for his poem’s content.

Job Iambic Pentameter: Job 38:16-33

by Lawrence Myers

Do you know the vastness of the ocean,

Or have you looked death into its dark eyes?

Show me the nature of the dark and light,

For your days outnumber their existence.

Do you not know the weather and its ways,

And have you not yourself the path to life?

Who is he that controls the rain with might,

And who is he that casts thunder on earth?

For by this way the earth is then nourished,

And the grass breaks through the deserted land.

Does the rain and the dew have a father?

From whence came the ice and the frost of heaven?

Frozen and hard become the earth’s waters.

For who but you can overtake the strong,

And who but you can set in place the skies?

Christian Philosophy of Education

Christian Philosophy of Education

Christian teachers should deliberately cultivate a learning environment that will foster understanding in their content areas, but that will also display and promote godly principles in a way which could advance God’s kingdom and bring Him glory and honor.