Core Values

GCA believes that all creation is under the lordship of Christ, including education. All subjects will be taught with a thoroughly Christian worldview. We see no sacred/secular dichotomy and recognize that the authority of Christ is evident in all subjects. In this respect, we are Christian.

GCA believes that when doing all things to the glory of God, an individual will give his best. Therefore, we seek to joyfully and creatively challenge academically average and above-average students to perform to their God-given potential. GCA desires to have a student culture where learning is “cool” and “just getting by” is not good enough. Drawing excellence out of all students, GCA intends to prepare its students for admission to colleges of their choice. In this respect we are “rigorous.”

GCA believes in the value of the heritage of Western civilization. We seek to cultivate within each student an understanding and appreciation for the great literature and arts throughout history. The curriculum will be modeled after what historically has been called the liberal arts. The focus will be on what the student has become and not what he or she has learned. Basing our curriculum on the “trivium” (taking advantage of the student’s natural capacity for certain types of learning at various stages), students learn not only the “facts” of particular subjects, but are also taught how to think logically and communicate effectively.  In this respect, we are classical.

GCA believes that all learning is for naught, if not captive to the obedience of Christ. We desire to see the thinking and practice of our students conformed to the mind of Christ through the power and grace of the gospel. Although the student’s family and church play primary roles in discipleship, the amount of time spent in school demands that the school share the vision and responsibility of discipleship. GCA seeks to instill a passion for Christ in the student. In this respect, we are transformative.

GCA believes that parents are ultimately responsible to the creator to guide and disciple the children given to their care. We desire to see God use GCA as an instrument to assist parents in carrying out the Biblical mandate to bring up their children in the training and admonition of the Lord.

Calendar of Events

August 2017

08/23 - Wed First Day of Lower School (K4-6th)

October 2017

10/19 - Thu Fall Break
10/20 - Fri Fall Break

March 2018

03/30 - Fri No School - Good Friday K4-12th
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